Arjun Kotecha, Watford

Arjun Kotecha, Watford, Hertfordshire

“The best thing about NCS is that I made lots of friends and I learnt a lot. I learnt how to conduct myself and present myself, I learnt about team-work and then of course there’s the fun! I even left with a first aid qualification, so there were loads of benefits to me taking part in NCS. It’s great as well because a lot of my friends have come about from NCS and I’ll meet friends through them, so it’s like a never-ending cycle. I’d definitely recommend it, it was properly the best experience of my life. It was a real game-changer for me and I know with the things I’ve learnt on NCS it will help me in the future.”

Since taking part in NCS with Watford FC Community Trust, Arjun has stayed involved with NCS and the Trust and has been working with them for the past three years – initially as a volunteer junior youth leader on NCS before progressing to work with Watford FC Community Trust as one of their matchday raffle ticket sellers!

“I worked as a junior youth leader on NCS; there were a few of us that had taken part in the previous year who got the chance to experience it as a staff member and we got assigned to different teams. I really enjoyed that because it involved interacting with the adults and teenagers. It just built on what I learnt from participating but from a different point of view.”