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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. UK

My NCS provider came to my school and told us all about NCS. At first I wasn’t sure but then I heard about all the cool stuff graduates had done, so my friends and I decided to give it a go. NCS has shown me how to deal with so many situations and people I can’t begin to count! I find it so much easier to meet new people and organising my team really developed my leadership skills, which will hopefully help in all my future jobs.

My high point was definitely just meeting all the amazing people from all over the country from so many different backgrounds. My biggest challenge was having to let it all end! You get to know people so well and after spending so much time with them it’s difficult to have to say goodbye.

Our social action project was to put on a gig in Nottingham to help out local bands and to reduce the social segregation in the young people in the area. We felt we made a great impact as people told us afterwards that they made lots of new friends that they wouldn’t normally have had the chance to meet, so we think it was
very successful!

Since completing the NCS programme I've been heavily involved with the programme at a national level, working with the NCS Trust. My work with the NCS Trust started with Leaders Week 2013/14 and sitting on the National Youth Board. Throughout the last 2 years in these roles I have helped to advise them on various parts of NCS from The Opportunity Hub to regional provider engagement with participants and graduates. After working on 3 summer programmes as Team Leader and Team Mentor, and helping to plan and implement Leaders Week 2014/15 I have also worked as a Team Leader on Leaders Week 2015/16.

I became one of the "Faces of NCS" in the national 'Our Future' campaign on TV and billboards in January 2015 when NCS came to Nottingham to showcase my team’s social action project from the summer and my story. Later that year I got the chance to film with spoken word artist Suli Breaks with some of the participants on their second phase ready for the schools recruitment video. I also got the chance to meet Prince Charles and Amir Khan as part of the Our Future campaign.

Through my involvement with NCS I was recommended for a role within the Cabinet Office which I applied for and was successful. I have been here for the last 5 months and alongside working in No.10 every week have had the opportunity to take part in various things such as the Chinese state visit, managing a network of young people, managing a government website and most importantly meeting the Chuckle Brothers! Also I now live with my best mate in London who I met through NCS who also happens to work for the NCS Trust now too.

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Kirsty, Nottingham

"We raised £300 for Framework and Hughendon Lodge to support people suffering with mental health issues"


Kat, Nottingham

"Definitely do it because NCS is great, you make lots of friends and you have a really good time."


Ruth, Wollaton

"I’m so thankful I’ve done it and I’ve met some incredible people."