Team Banter Brigade, Wrexham

Team Banter Brigade, Wrexham, Cheshire

The Lauren Brown Fund, which was set up by Lauren before she passed away, raises money for hospitals to help make the parents’ and children’s stay more comfortable. The social action team from Wrexham wanted to raise money for this charity, especially since one of the team members (Harriet) was close friends with Lauren. Before she passed away, Lauren’s dream was to visit Disneyland, Paris. Because Lauren didn’t get the chance to go, the team decided to travel to Disneyland on her behalf. To raise money for the charity, they came up with a unique way to fulfill Lauren’s dream; they did a triathlon covering the distance from Wrexham to Disneyland. First they cycled the distance from Wrexham to Dover, then swam in a swimming pool covering the distance from Dover to Calais, and finally they walked the distance from Calais to Disneyland! This helped them purchase 2 folding beds for parents and some game consoles for children.

“A lot of children suffer from cancer in the UK, and we felt that their stay in hospital needs to be made as comfortable as possible for both them and their parents.”

Team Banter Brigade’s project was so inspiring, they were nominated for the NCS Social Action Star Award and invited to attend NCS Yes Live 2016 as one of only 5 teams shortlisted.

Watch a video about their amazing social action project here.