Uzair Hashmi, Nottingham

Uzair Hashmi, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

I didn’t know anyone at all when I got on the coach, but within hours they became possibly my friends for life and a great support network for me.
No matter how much I talk about how great NCS is, I can’t even begin to get out how much NCS has changed my life.
I’ve done so much since NCS… I’ve been to the House of Commons twice, I’ve spoken at a re-launch in Europe conference with members of the European parliament, I’ve lead youth consultations for the Nottingham City Council and I’ve become the chairman of Nottingham City Young Cabinet.
NCS was more than just a chance to meet new people. It was a chance to develop myself and after NCS many opportunities came up for me. I can’t seem to get out the importance of NCS in opening up life opportunities to me. NCS gives you the skills to get out into a job, I know how much I enjoyed it.